Red Fang – Prehistoric Dog

Black Pussy – For Arguments Sake

White Orange – Where

Hungry Ghost – Epic Sadness

Red Fang – The Meadows

Black Pussy – Don’t Fear The Reaper

White Orange – And Now I Leave The Circus

Chron Goblin – Fuller

Divers – Wild Calling

White Orange – Ehyeh

The Hague – Neverwell

Chron Goblin – Backwater

Lamprey – Iron Awake

Edna Vasquez – Sana

Internal State – Penny

Last Giant – Captain My Captain

The Mediam – Slide

Hot Won’t Quit – Velvet Fog

Elke Robatille – Wait For Me

Internal State – Sweet Thing

Hot Won’t Quit – Infamy

Red Fang – Listen to the Sirens

Mobilities – We Are You